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We push the boundaries of experimental beers. Using science and creativity to explore historic and modern recipes and ingredients. By providing excellent service and a community hub for our customers to share their experiences together.

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The focal point of our friendly beer-loving community. A welcoming social hub and tourist destination where you can meet friends, enjoy a quiet pint, indulge in gourmet street food, listen to live music, or just soak in the atmosphere and experience something from our eclectic range…

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Treacle Toffee Stout

Our first ever Imperial Stout, from a time before pastry stouts, and when brewers feared to add lactose to something so big! Back in 2015 we broke with the norm by brewing this rich and indulgent stout, with nods to historical Imperial Russian Stouts, but using all our creativity to make this a velvety rich beer, packed black molasses, and tasting of treacle toffee and dark chocolate.

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We exist to challenge the concepts of what a beer is and what a beer can be. To give people incredible and eclectic beer experiences. To be a part of our creative journey and wider community.

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