BREAKFAST Thur & Fri 8.00am - 1pm / Sat 9.30am - 1pm

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Takeaway Menu:


Thursday: 8am - 1pm

Friday: 8am - 1pm

Saturday: 9.30am - 1pm

Skillet Pan Breakfasts with Americano Coffee:

Bacon, Sausage, Tomatoes, Beans, Fried Egg, Mushrooms, Potato Rosti, Black Pudding, Home-Made Rustic Loaf. £8
Vegetarian / Vegan:
Smashed Avocado, Vegan Sausage, Tomatoes, Beans, Fried Egg (or Spinach), Mushrooms, Potato Rosti, Vegan Haggis, Home-Made Rustic Loaf. £8


Our gourmet breakfast sandwiches made with premium local ingredients, a side of homemade rostis or fries, and optional sauces, served with an Americano coffee from Rountons:

-Roast Vine Tomatoes (ve)
-Portabello Mushroom (ve)
-Wilted Spinach (ve)
-Smashed Avocado (ve)
-Premium Vegan Sausage (ve)
-Fried Free-range Farm Egg (v)
-MacSween Plant-Based Haggis (ve)
-Premium Bury Black Pudding
-Local Dry-cured Thick Cut Bacon
-Local Godfrey's Old English Sausage