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Steam Machine has been on a rollercoaster of an adventure! Officially founded in 2015, but existing as an obsessive concept for a lot longer, it was there at the tipping point of the UK’s Craft Beer Revolution BOOM.

Originally is was just husband and wife Nick & Gulen, who wanted to work creatively together to make things they loved: Beer. Nick’s background was a science teacher and with long running hobbies of foraging and fermenting things. Gulen came from the far-east of Turkey, via Istanbul, and a life of sport science and management, until she settled in the UK.

Their first brewery was smaller than a Tory living room, with third generation brewing kit and re-purposed dairy and ice cream plant. ‘Snug’ is probably the nicest word to describe it. They launched with an eclectic mix of beers that weren’t commonly found at the time: Steam Lagers, Imperial Stouts made of treacle, Double IPAs,  Northern Brown Ales dry-hopped with Citra, West Coast IPAs, and beers infused with Earl Grey tea.

Helped along the way by patient friends and family, they quickly grew, as did the demand for their outlandish yet quaffable brews. The team expanded with Steam Machine, with longstanding customers and friends Phil and Kyle joining the crew.

And now, years later, and having ridden wave of the pandemic, they are firmly living in their third premises at Unit 26 Northfield Way.

Steam Machine has stayed true to its dream of a close-knit family business (still re-purposing obscure vessels for their 2.5HL kit) and staying with their mission of experimental, diverse, and very drinkable craft beers, but with a few hidden extras along the way…

They are constantly experimenting with bold new flavours, natural ingredients, diverse techniques, with nods to cutting edge research and seemingly lost historic recipes.

From lagers to wild sours, and Imperial Stouts to highly-hopped IPAs, spontaneous and salted fruited beers to barrel aged Old Ales, and everything in between; their extremely busy industrial tap room is sure to cater for taste buds of all perversions, and you can be sure of a warm Northern welcome too.

Community is at the heart of the Steam Machine, and they are constantly focussing on what defines a great beer experience, which is why they have spent the last few years developing the Brewers’ Pantry Kitchen, helmed by father and daughter team Rik & Kat, who utilise beer in every stage of the process, to deliver outstanding street food filth. Throw into the mix epic bands, acoustic music, traditional folk sessions, and sell-out festivals, and you’re probably building a picture of what Steam Machine is all about.

And if that wasn’t enough, Nick and Gulen have teamed up with other awesome beer people been for a beer education project aimed at bridging the gap between beginner and expert (find out more: ).


Eclectic beers that challenge the concept of what a beer is and what a beer can be. Brewed with a passion for creativity, experimentation, and a deep understanding and love of science. From all the IPAs to Mexi-Vienna Lagers, from Historic Milds to Fruited Sours, from Imperial Stouts to Barrel-Aged Browns… and everything else! Find them all here. Shipped nationally.

The Brew Room

The focal point of our friendly beer-loving community. A welcoming social hub and tourist destination where you can meet friends, enjoy a quiet pint, indulge in gourmet street food, listen to live music, or just soak in the atmosphere and experience something from our eclectic range…


We specialise in utterly filthy street food, all cooked with beer: IPA-brined chicken wings, dirty cheese burgers, stout sticky ribs, secret-recipe sauces, fruited sour beer nuts, imperial stout cinder toffee, and loads more, including amazing vegan food. The Brewers’ Pantry is open every day that our brewery is, and these delectable treats are available for takeaway too.

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