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Founded in 2015, we are a close-knit family business that selfishly focuses on brewing the styles of beer that we wish to drink. Fortunately for everyone else, our tastes are extremely diverse…

We’d hate to be described as a one-trick pony, or for someone to say our beers all taste the same with subtle nuance, and to this end we are constantly experimenting with bold new flavours, natural ingredients, diverse techniques, with nods to cutting edge research and seemingly lost historic recipes.

From lagers to wild sours, and Imperial Stouts to highly-hopped IPAs, spontaneous and salted fruited beers to barrel aged Old Ales, and everything in between; our extremely busy industrial tap room is sure to cater for taste buds of all perversions, and you can be sure of a warm Northern welcome too.

Yearly since inception we have grown in size, output, and fanbase. 2019 was no exception, with a massive relocation to a new 2.4HL brewery, bigger tap room, street food, and flexible function areas in the heart of Newton Aycliffe’s industrial estate, with more space for us to make a mess whilst brewing…


Eclectic beers that challenge the concept of what a beer is and what a beer can be. Brewed with a passion for creativity, experimentation, and a deep understanding and love of science. From all the IPAs to Mexi-Vienna Lagers, from Historic Milds to Fruited Sours, from Imperial Stouts to Barrel-Aged Browns… and everything else! Find them all here. Shipped nationally.

The Brew Room

The focal point of our friendly beer-loving community. A welcoming social hub and tourist destination where you can meet friends, enjoy a quiet pint, indulge in gourmet street food, listen to live music, or just soak in the atmosphere and experience something from our eclectic range…

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Our hungry brew team love serving food almost as much as they enjoy eating it. The messier the better! Indulge in our street menu, from skillet-pan breakfasts to gourmet burgers and beyond, with plenty of Vegan options. All cooked in our beer of course, and served with secret-recipe sauces…

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